Maria and Kevin Ruiz

It’s the most delicious episode to date of To a Certain Degree as Kevin and Maria Ruiz visit the WPRK studio to discuss their Peruvian-inspired popup, Papa Llama. What’s a popup? What is Peruvian food like? Did they bring food in for the host of the show? The answer to that last one is no, sadly.

This episode was recorded on June 4, 2018, on WPRK FM.

Jim Inziello

If there’s a 3D printing spectrum, I’m at the novice end, just above caveman. My guest for this episode, Jim Inziello, is way on the other side. 3D design, world building, all of it. Jim is the real deal. And he has a healthy respect for the Venture Brothers, so you know he’s a good guy.

This episode was recorded on May 28, 2018, on WPRK FM.

Mike Lightner

Mike Lightner will cosplay his way into your heart at local cons, just like he does on this episode of To a Certain Degree. He and Nick discuss the ins and outs of getting into character, photo etiquette, and his Macho Man impersonation. Slim Jims for all!

This episode was recorded on May 21, 2018, on WPRK FM.

April 2018 Guests, Abridged

April went by in a flash, and chances are you need a quick hit from each of these episodes as we head into our May flower allergy attacks. All possible topics are covered, from German pirate music to the mid-century modern lifestyle. As always, the full episode is available as well! April 9 – Peter…

Marco and Sam DiGeorge

A married couple. A sarcastic interviewer. A basement radio station. Drama, comedy. Theater.

Okay, it’s a regular episode of To a Certain Degree. But we do talk a lot about acting and theater.

This episode was recorded on April 30, 2018, on WPRK FM.

Ryan Forrestal

Rediscovering a passion and turning it into a career. That’s what Ryan Forrestal decided to do, and he’s been pretty successful as a working actor. Listen to how he got this part on this episode of TaCD!

This episode was recorded on April 23, 2018, on WPRK FM.