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Kris Zara

Enjoy this episode with Kris Zara. Not because I told you to, but because she’s really funny and gracious. Along with being a nursing student, parent, and many other nouns, she’s a regular performer in Black Cow Jumps, an experimental theater project here in central Florida. This episode was recorded on July 1, 2019, on WPRK FM. To a Certain Degree is a weekly radio show on WPRK featuring makers, artists, and professionals who are doing something neat. It’s hosted by Nick Georgoudiou, and you can listen live every Monday on 91.5 FM in the Orlando area, or stream it on wprk.org.

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Odd Numbers – Nicole Dupre

No matter how passionate you are for your passion project, there are going to be some challenges along the way. Take starting an opera company, for example. Sounds easy, right? It doesn’t, and it wasn’t, but Nicole Dupre is celebrating two years as the creative director of Opera del Sol. The non-profit is her love letter to a genre that typically doesn’t get a lot of love, and she’s learned a lot about how tenacious you have to be to keep things rolling. Enjoy!

Odd Numbers, Podcasts

Odd Numbers – Jeremy Seghers

This is a special edition of To a Certain Degree called Odd Numbers. Every other Monday, Nick and the guest(s) choose a theme, they play some music, and they chat. Sometimes there are tangents. Occasionally they speak in Chipmunk voices until you change the RPM setting on your record player. This is the second annual… Continue reading Odd Numbers – Jeremy Seghers