Shows by Guest

To a Certain Degree would not be possible without the amazing and talented guests who sacrifice a fair amount of sleep to talk with Nick. Here’s a list of everyone who has been on to date!

Date Guest 20 Questions
5/23/16 Marc Collins Surf or Turf
6/6/16 Shawn Straight Gin or Tonic
6/13/16 Shannon Everhart Meat or Potatoes
6/27/16 Julian Chambliss Batman or Robin
7/4/16 Tom Hope Tom or Jerry
7/11/16 Brandy Fransen Peanut Butter or Jelly
7/25/16 Miller John
8/1/16 Orlando Montoya Public or Commercial
8/8/16 Josh Murdock Spaghetti or Meatballs
8/15/16 Andi Perez Alive or Kicking
8/22/16 Sarah Donovan The Birds or the Bees
9/5/16 Dave Plotkin Stars or Stripes
9/12/16 Candy Cole Wine or Dine
9/19/16 Sarah Peerani The Devil or the Deep Blue Sea
9/26/16 Hap Aziz Live or Learn
10/3/16 Dave Krepcho Movers or Shakers
10/10/16 JB Adams Fast or Furious
10/17/16 Miller John High or Dry
10/24/16 Joe Taylor Blood Sweat or Tears/A Dog or Pony Show
10/31/16 Stefanie Esquijarosa Stars or Stripes
11/7/16 Paul Driscoll Sweetness or Light
11/21/16 Kristen Manieri Take the Money or Run
11/28/16 Kaia Forget Lions or Tigers and Bears
12/19/16 Zach Prusak Hot or Bothered
1/2/17 Giuliana Rossi Traveler or Tourist
1/9/17 Amanda Roche Here Today or Gone Tomorrow
1/16/17 Marc with a C Forgive or Forget
1/23/17 Darci Ricciardi Kicking or Screaming
1/30/17 Jen Vargas Year In or Year out
2/6/17 Ron Piccolo All Work or No Play
2/13/17 Lindsey Thompson Young or In Love
2/20/17 Haley Bischof Safe or Sound
2/27/17 Tony Brent Rough or Tumble
3/6/17 Brendan Byrne Rise or Shine
3/13/17 Bess Auer A Day Late or A Dollar Short
3/27/17 Brian Luft Sound or Fury
4/3/17 Chelsea Hilend Law or Order
4/10/17 Amanda and Emily Risk Life or Limb
4/17/17 Kristine Murtz Eat or Run
4/24/17 John Hunter Bacon Lettuce or Tomato
5/1/17 Mike Marinaccio (featuring appearances from Leesa Castaneda & Sam and Ana Hammersley) Smoke or Mirrors
5/8/17 Victor Davila Leaps or Bounds
5/15/17 Ryan Rivas Over Hill or Dale
5/22/17 Neil Arthur James / Dandy Darkly It’s Raining Cats or Dogs
6/5/17 Rachel Simmons Apples or Oranges
6/12/17 Tisse Mallon and Jack Graham Off or Running
6/19/17 Terry Olson Fair or Square
6/26/17 Hannah and Sue Zuk Heart or Soul
7/3/17 Mark Freid Cut Bait or Run
7/10/17 Chris Castro Grin or Bear It
7/17/17 Frank Vertolli and Ryan Fitzgerald Hook line or sinker
7/14/17 Jeremy Seghers and Theresa Hanson
7/24/17 Bob Kodzis Kiss or Tell
7/31/17 Expert Timing Time or Tide
8/7/17 Heather Georgoudiou A Fool or His Money
8/14/17 Ren Foskey Whole Kit or Caboodle
8/21/17 Amy Green Flotsam or Jetsam
8/28/17 Lauren Morris Cut or Dry
9/18/17 Leah Nash Of Mice or Of Men
9/25/17 Alterity.CO members Natalie and Beatriz Frank or Beans
9/29/17 Lauren Morris and Chris Anderson
10/9/17 Michael Hristakopoulos All the Bells or All the Whistles
10/16/17 Ian and Candy Cole Ask a Silly Question or Get a Silly Answer
10/23/17 Rhett Withey Far or Away
10/30/17 ROBO OHNO The Quick or The Dead
11/6/17 Katrina Constantine Milk or Honey
11/13/17 Shye Gilad Cloak or Dagger
11/20/17 Sean Walsh Fire or Brimstone
11/27/17 Jeremy Seghers Dot the Is or Cross the Ts
12/4/17 Hap Aziz 2 Live or Learn
12/11/17 Amanda and Emily 2 Risk Life or Risk Limb
12/18/17 Brendan Byrne 2 Rise or Shine
1/8/18 Hunter Choate High or Mighty
1/15/18 Meribeth Huebner Onward or Upward
1/22/18 Kali Friend Odds or Ends
1/29/18 Amber Weatherford Move Heaven or Move Earth
2/5/18 Jennifer Ritter Wild or Wooly
2/12/18 Ashleigh Ann Gardner and Monica Mulder When All is Said or When All is Done
2/19/18 Brian and Derek Demeter Stop or Smell the Roses
2/26/18 Aquanza Cadogan The Tortoise or the Hare
3/5/18 Emily Misura Read Them or Weep
3/12/18 Gary Li Speak Softly or Carry a Big Stick
3/19/18 Bobby Wesley and Danielle Ziss Loud or Clear
4/9/18 Peter von Taborsky Scotch or Soda
4/16/18 Megan and Adam Judd Eat Drink or Be Merry