Each week, I give out a gift bag for guests. In that bag, I include a small, 3D printed version of the show name (TACD) that I  created using an online template and printed at Factur. Soon after, I added WPRK in the same vein for my fellow DJs at the station.

Those turned into cardholders, and I figured out how to do more complicated pieces with logos. I struck up some conversations with old friends and newer strangers, and a few more pieces came out of it.

With help from Swami at Factur, I feel relatively competent in producing these. And it’s satisfying to have a product at the end, that artifact of accomplishment that has heft and meaning.

20170806_175345 (2)20170813_15335220171126_142229Clear cardholderCoterie counter 3IMG_20170914_091919_080