Sure, To a Certain Degree is an amazing radio show that has, as far as I know, millions of listeners. It’s also inspiration for diversions, schemes, and ventures that bring me a lot of joy.

Well, first they make me crazy, then eventually joy.

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Kill em envelope

Analog Reviews

I have terrible handwriting, but the idea of writing without editing, a stream of consciousness approach to communication, is incredibly appealing. Therefore, a typewriter purchase was in order.

More than two dozen analog Yelp reviews have been sent to date, and I’m branching into LinkedIn recommendations as well. Next up, profiles!



Learning how to 3D print isn’t difficult, and it isn’t boring. I think what I’m trying to say is that it’s fun and relatively easy. Not sure why I didn’t come out and just say that in the first place.


Wall Due Respect

If you love a piece of art, whether it’s a record, book, painting, an old t-shirt that has significant meaning, or simply a piece of beautiful reclaimed wood, you want to do something to commemorate it, to put it on a mantle or pedestal. Sometimes, you have to build the pedestal.