Sure, To a Certain Degree is an amazing radio show that has, as far as I know, millions of listeners. It’s also inspiration for diversions, schemes, and ventures that bring me a lot of joy.

Well, first they make me crazy, then eventually joy.

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Kill em envelope

Analog Reviews

I have terrible handwriting, but the idea of writing without editing, a stream of consciousness approach to communication, is incredibly appealing. Therefore, a typewriter purchase was in order.

More than two dozen analog Yelp reviews have been sent to date, and I’m branching into LinkedIn recommendations as well. Next up, profiles!

The collected #analogreviews >>


Bad Business Ideas

Every episode of To a Certain Degree, I pitch startups to satisfy that gypsy craving passed down from generation to generation in my family. Like my ancestors, I have to sell ideas to anyone listening, and then convince them to run with those ideas so I don’t have to.


BBIs over the years >>



Learning how to 3D print isn’t difficult, and it isn’t boring. I think what I’m trying to say is that it’s fun and relatively easy. Not sure why I didn’t come out and just say that in the first place.

Check it out >>


Wall Due Respect

If you love a piece of art, whether it’s a record, book, painting, an old t-shirt that has significant meaning, or simply a piece of beautiful reclaimed wood, you want to do something to commemorate it, to put it on a mantle or pedestal. Sometimes, you have to build the pedestal.