Visit Florida, How I Can Help

Visit Florida. An organization under fire. Some in Tallahassee want to do away with it. Others, like Governor Rick Scott want to keep it. No one asked, but here’s my three-tier plan to fix it and keep those sweet, sweet tourism dollars pouring in. Also, this serves as my cover letter for the top job…

Bess Auer

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Bess Auer discusses how she went from being a teacher to a full-time blogger to a book author. That’s not completely accurate of course, she’s still a teacher and a blogger.

It’s all storytelling, and Bess is great at spinning good stories and drawing people in. We also go into detail on April the Giraffe, growing up in central Florida, and building communities.

This episode was recorded on March 13, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Brendan Byrne

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Brendan Byrne from WMFE comes aboard to talk all things space, his podcast, and his path to public radio broadcasting.

Along with that, he ACES the pop quiz, chooses the best of the worst Bad Business Idea™, and generally is a great guest. Almost too great…

This episode was recorded on March 6, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Tony Brent

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Tony Brent! An accomplished entertainer, he’s been part of Orlando’s tourism scene for nearly 20 years. A Renaissance man, he’s an author, magician, comedian, and much, much more.

Future TRAPPIST-1 exploration, his experiences that led to an anti-bullying stage show, and Bad Business Ideas™ gets mashed up!

This episode was recorded on February 27, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Uber With Me

Uber needs one thing. No, not new leadership. No, not an overhaul of its toxic corporate culture. Certainly not an end to software that helps drivers avoid government investigators. They need a secret menu! It’ll distract from all the issues (including lawsuits from Alphabet) and shows that they care. Simply type in the following codes,…

Haley Bischof

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Haley Bischof is in the studio talking about publishing, what the Dutch are doing to help distracted walkers, and nostalgic musical moments.

And that’s not all! Because if it was, it would be a much shorter episode. Ad agencies show up in Bad Business Ideas™ along with a food processor for your takeout.

This episode was recorded on February 20, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Bad Business Ideas: The Oscar Edition

People are often inspired by movies. Sometimes by the great cinematography, by the great stories, by the great performances. What else? The locations. The sound effects. The gaffer and best boy. Even the product placement. But that doesn’t do anything for me. What I’m looking for when I watch a movie is the next Bad…

Lindsey Thompson

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Lindsey Thompson brings the sweet and the sour to the studio for a wide range of topics including how she has managed to build up, crying at Hamilton, and discovering Bjork in high school.

Along with that, Bad Business Ideas™ are as realistic as always with only one entry involving robbing museums (this week).

This episode was recorded on February 13, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Ron Piccolo

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Ron Piccolo comes back to one of his alma maters to discuss his work with local nonprofits, the academic writing process, and improv.

Along with that, Black Sabbath makes an appearance, a solution for renting art from friends becomes clear, and we discuss travel as part of the college experience.

This episode was recorded on February 6, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Jen Vargas

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Jen Vargas bursts out of your chest and into your heart. Wait, that doesn’t work at all. But there are a lot of movie references, creative blocks, and musical ponzi schemes.

Along with that, four movie-inspired Bad Business Ideas™ make the final cut. Pro.

This episode was recorded on January 30, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Inspiration: Bad Business Ideas

A lot of people ask me where I get my Bad Business Ideas (patent pending). In fact, the conversation goes something like this: Them: Why do you keep sending me the link to your crappy blog? Me: Great question! I actually know a lot about business. I work at a business currently, and I’ve worked…

Tiny Food Trucks

First there were tiny houses. Then, eventually, there were tiny food trucks. Or at least, there will be once we get Small Potatoes off the ground. Originally pitched in Joe Taylor’s episode of To a Certain Degree, the response to this idea could only be described as calamitous. I’m not sure why that word came…

Darci Ricciardi

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Darci Ricciardi both teaches and learns. She explains a little bit about choreography and a lot about minimalism (ironic). What does she learn? A lot about where rejected Skittles go. Maybe too much about them.

Along with that, Bad Business Ideas™ present a zombie preparation app and medicine pants. Vaccine jeans?

This episode was recorded on January 23, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Marc with a C

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Marc with a C is a gentleman and a scholar in sharing some of his time and a lot of knowledge about the recording arts, his music, and the joys of vinyl.

Along with learning more about him, we delve into some Bad Business Ideas™, Nirvana’s rise to fame, and Patreon.

This episode was recorded on January 16, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Amanda Roche

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Amanda Roche tells us about the herding of cats. In this case, very enthusiastic cats that love Orlando. Through her role at the Orlando Economic Development Commission, Amanda is tasked with finding central Florida’s social media cheerleaders – dubbed Obassadors – to help showcase what’s happening in the City Beautiful.

But that’s not all! She’s also a longtime WPRK employee/DJ/enthusiast, a painter/photographer, and a millennial/MBA grad. Along with discussing all that, we hit on a new company that will commemorate your t-shirts, why Q-tips are bad for you, and driverless Uber.

This episode was recorded on January 9, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Giuliana Rossi, To A Certain Degree

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Giuliana Rossi visits the studio bright and early in the new year. On the docket? Travel mostly, with a little time set aside for millennials in the workplace, UCF’s hospitality program, and how we’re doing in the zombie demographic.

So pack your bags, even if you end up leaving them for someone coming to visit here (listen to Bad Business Ideas™ for more on that). Listen up!

This episode was recorded on January 2, 2017, on WPRK FM.

Zach Prusak, To a Certain Degree

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, get fired up with the Nature Conservancy’s Zach Prusak. Who is Zach? A comedy and improv fan? Sure. A lifelong learner and educator? Definitely. An ant guy? Most assuredly. And he’s also the Florida Fire Manager and Central Florida Conservation Program Manager for the Nature Conservancy.

Fire isn’t what he was expecting to get into, but it ended up being his calling. Learn more about how he got there, the ethics of violence during meetings, and zombie ants on this episode of TACD.

Kaia Forgét, To a Certain Degree

On this episode of To a Certain Degree, Nick gets a kick out of Orlando City Soccer Club’s Kaia Forgét. A soccer player herself, Kaia wears two hats for the organization (which is weird, since soccer players typically don’t wear hats). She’s Director of Community Development for Orlando City Soccer Club as well as Director of Development for the group’s Foundation.

That’s a lot of titles, but her mission is pretty clear: Help the Club and the Foundation encourage children’s initiatives by providing soccer programming, nutrition education, and mentoring. They also recognize that they can’t do it alone, so the Foundation is also tasked with making strategic investments in the neediest areas of our community.

Along with that, this episode includes an update on the vampire Lestat (still a vampire), a smart showerhead proposal, and some details on the Club’s new stadium.

This episode was recorded on November 21, 2016, on WPRK FM.

Inventiveness, To a Certain Degree

While I have a lot of fun with Bad Business Ideas (patent pending) on the show, I am constantly amazed by people who are taking really interesting ideas and bringing them to life. Whether it’s reusing construction material to make skateboards, a bunch of junk for a musical Rube Goldberg machine, or an over-sized music…

Kristen Manieri, To a Certain Degree

Romance is in the air on this episode of To a Certain Degree. Not between Nick and his guest Kristen Manieri, but between Kristen and all couples in the central Florida area. That sounds salty!

Kristen gives us the overview on her site Orlando Date Night Guide and teases the new venture, the Discovery Club. You’re also in for some Bad Business Ideas™, Canadian music history, and plenty of laughs.

This episode was recorded on November 21, 2016, on WPRK FM.

Paul Driscoll, To a Certain Degree

“Kids are creating language as best they can with the vocabulary that they have, with the experience they have. And I’m just trying to push and encourage and challenge them in a way that helps their writing, wherever it is, to evolve and to grow.”

Stefanie Esquijarosa, To a Certain Degree

On this week’s episode of To a Certain Degree, Stefanie Esquijarosa joins Nick to talk about how she ended up at the job of her dreams. As with many of these types of jobs, it wasn’t the path she’d thought she’d take at all.

Along with her story about the Florida Film Academy, you’ll also hear some truly fiery Bad Business Ideas™, what can loosely be described as audio engineering, and very few recommendations on cashing in your college fund to make a movie.

Fake News, To a Certain Degree

What was the big story of this election cycle earlier this month? It’s ironic in a way that this was the big story. Since it was so fake. Fake news, yeah. How do we, as business people, take advantage of this trend and provide a service at the same time? Because to be completely honest…

Miller John, To a Certain Degree II

“No, I’m not going to put the soap on the back burner. I’m going to take the soap off the oven, because why is it even on there in the first place? I’m going to throw it in the garbage, and I’m going to make you take out the trash.”

Joe Taylor, To a Certain Degree

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and To a Certain Degree is the most important show of the day. Here’s an episode that takes breakfast and gives it the Bad Business Ideas® treatment (starting at the 48 minute mark). Other topics we cover? Parenting, UCF, and cobbler, just to name a few. Oh, and racial equality.

This episode of To a Certain Degree was recorded on October 24, 2016. You can tune in at 7am Mondays on WPRK and

Holiday Playlists, To a Certain Degree

I’m going to get better at putting up playlists from shows, in some cases earlier. In the case of the Halloween episode, much later it appears. Here are some musical sets for your listening pleasure. All Hallow’s Eve is up first. This is a complete list of the songs from the show, I usually only…

Me in the hall

As a kid, I was terrified (and therefore fascinated) with any movie where characters changed bodies. Whatever the vehicle, mystical artifact, gypsy curse, freaky Friday, it all bummed me right out, culminating with the Kurt Cameron/Dudley Moore epic Like Father Like Son. It’s not exactly a body swap story, but All of Me also caused…

Magic. Grapes.

I’m walking through the supermarket. My first mistake, right? I get to the produce section, and I see them, sitting there, nonchalantly. Like there’s nothing wrong. And there isn’t, until I really stop to think about it on the drive home. Seedless grapes. SEEDLESS grapes. Pretty banal, right? They’re there all time, I’ve been eating…

J.B. Adams, To a Certain Degree

J.B. Adams is more than a collection of letters that makes up a name on a screen or sheet of paper. He’s also a man. A man with a very good sense of humor, an incredible listener, and a very talented storyteller.

Luckily, he joined Nick at the WPRK studios on October 10, 2016 for To a Certain Degree. Among other things we discuss besides Star Wars, Victor Hugo, and space exploration? Mood pants.