While there are three flavors to choose from, every episode features a local guest who is doing something neat. Check out the latest episodes below. 

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Odd Numbers Ep 22

129 Andrew Chang

Odd Numbers Ep 21

128 Kris Zara


To a Certain Degree

Since 2016, amazing people have been coming to the WPRK studios early Monday morning to appear To a Certain Degree. Here are some recent episodes for you to enjoy. If you’re interested in being a guest, it is possible. That’s right, the guests on To a Certain Degree used to be people just like you at… Continue reading To a Certain Degree

Odd Numbers

Odd Numbers launched in the fall of 2018. Less of the formal interview stylings of To a Certain Degree, the intent is to invite guests to the WPRK studios to discuss a specific topic. This has generally involved food, music, and comedy so far. Sometimes there are tangents. Occasionally we think of the thing we… Continue reading Odd Numbers

To an Abridged Degree

There are many insights and nuggets in each episode of To a Certain Degree. We took a few of those, packaged them up into a clip show, and thus To an Abridged Degree was born. You might hear some Orlando history. The entrepreneurial spirit of a business owner. Funny, poignant, hungry, this podcasts touches on… Continue reading To an Abridged Degree