Biggie Bencomo

The Earl of Sandwich passed away more than 226 years ago, but his namesake foodstuff lives on, especially in the work of Biggie Bencomo and Deli Fresh Threads. Get some entrepreneurial advice, indulge in some terrible business ideas, and let’s talk follicles on this episode of TaCD!

This episode was recorded on July 9, 2018, on WPRK FM.

Victoria Walsh

Victoria Walsh, AKA Macrame Momma, comes to the temporary studio for a talk about life, the universe, and everything. More like rope, knots, and duck jerky, but you get the picture.

This episode was recorded on July 2, 2018, on WPRK FM.

Bri Sosa

Does a tarot card reading translate to radio? Can we force people into spirit journeys? Is there just one way to get from A to B? These are just some of the questions we try to answer on this episode with special guest Bri Sosa.

This episode was recorded on June 25, 2018, on WPRK FM.

Rocky Socha

Podcasters talking to other podcasters on their podcasts about podcasts. It sounds compelling when you say it out loud, but it’s even more compelling when one of the podcasters in question is Rocky Socha of the What’s The Fuss Podcast.

This episode was recorded on June 18, 2018, on WPRK FM.

Midori Ringo and Bubblegumgrrrl

Two wrongs may not make a right (there is no scientific evidence of this), but two great artists make for a wonderful episode of To a Certain Degree. Longtime friends and current UCF students Bubblegumgrrrl and Midori Ringo are a delight, listen up!

This episode was recorded on June 11, 2018, on WPRK FM.

Maria and Kevin Ruiz

It’s the most delicious episode to date of To a Certain Degree as Kevin and Maria Ruiz visit the WPRK studio to discuss their Peruvian-inspired popup, Papa Llama. What’s a popup? What is Peruvian food like? Did they bring food in for the host of the show? The answer to that last one is no, sadly.

This episode was recorded on June 4, 2018, on WPRK FM.