Bad Business Ideas

So many ideas. All the time.

Bad Business Ideas, patent pending, is my entrepreneurial outlet. Every episode, I come up with these startups to satisfy that gypsy craving passed down from generation to generation in my family. Like my ancestors, I have to pitch ideas to anyone listening, and then convince them to run with those ideas so I don’t have to.

These startups are my children, except for my actual children who I care about very much. Bad Business Ideas I just care about in the moment, because once a guest chooses a winner, he or she cares about them. That’s right, they become the main investor, and they run it.

Here’s an explanation using timely pop culture references: Imagine if this show was Not Necessarily the News. Bad Business Ideas would be sniglets.

On the site, I give the BBI treatment to:

Sample BBI sites:

  • Small Potatoes – Turn your compact into SUV profits by converting it to a tiny food truck.
  • Fonferences – When you need to get out of work with a good excuse, try a fake conference!

From the show:

From social media:


Terms and Conditions: The guest, by virtue of this statement, is also obligated to fund the “winning” idea. Also, the listeners, by virtue of this statement, are not allowed to steal or talk about the ideas with anyone. This is totally legally binding.