About TaCD

Brandy Fransen WPRK
Brandy had to go to work immediately after the show. I was on vacation. She handled her jealousy well.

In just over a year, To a Certain Degree has changed quite a bit. I’m talking to more and more people I don’t know. The different bits (and pieces) are starting to sound polished. And it appears that guests are enjoying themselves.

Along with enjoying the sound of my own voice, the show started as a way to help me address some of my challenges, specifically:

  1. Staying inspired and motivated
  2. Writing on a regular basis
  3. Looking for new projects

We play a few games on the show, including 20 questions, Bad Business Ideas, and a pop quiz. What I’ve found is added to a regular interview, this helps me communicate with people better, challenges me to think in different ways, and brings me a lot of joy.

In essence, there’s one audience member for each show, and that’s me. I hope you like it as well.

There are a lot of different ways to organize shows, and I can’t play favorites. I love them all because I learned something in each one. You can pick by looking at a full list of the guests, by the Bad Business Ideas included, or by some of these categories: