About TaCD


TaCD is a weekly interview show on WPRK FM 91.5 hosted by Nick Georgoudiou. Along with broadcasting Mondays at 7am, it’s converted to a podcast available in all the usual podcast places including iTunes, Google, Spotify and SoundCloud.

This interview originally ran in FLBlogCon Magazine.
How did you get into podcasting?
My first love was radio. I was a volunteer and then an employee at WUCF in the late 90s early 00s as a news director, on-air personality, and assistant music director. I not only expanded my musical palette, I had a chance to find my voice.
Fast forward 15 years, and I began volunteering as a DJ at WPRK and quickly realized I wanted to do interviews with local makers, artists, entrepreneurs, actors, performers, and others who were doing something neat.
This was a selfish decision – I find the conversations inspirational. It turns out it helps many of the guests share their message and brand as well as practice telling their story.
Turning that weekly show into a podcast was an easy decision, and teaching myself how to do it was a lot of work and fun.
How did you decide on the name of your podcast?
The URL came first in this case. My original intention was to start a blog about nontraditional students returning to college to earn their degrees. I never started the blog, but I liked the name and the play on words, “You’re listening To a Certain Degree.”
It’s accurate as well. I’m only getting to know the guest for two hours, so only to a certain degree.
What is it that makes your podcast great? What is your secret sauce?
My therapist! Seriously.
Very early on, I asked her to listen, and she gave me some great advice. She told me I needed to be more present when I talked to people. I listened again and agreed wholeheartedly – I tended to just wait for my turn to talk.
Doing a good interview means really listening to the guest, making sure they are heard, and finding cues to take their story further.
What has been one of your favorite episodes? Why? Please also put a link to that episode so we can allow readers to listen.
It’s like picking a favorite child! We all have them, but we don’t want to hurt the other kids’ feelings.
I would say the first official episode of To an Abridged Degree. This is something new I’m trying in 2019 where I edit together segments from different guests. This one included reporter Brendan Byrne, podcaster Chris Crespo, artist Delila Smalley, and entrepreneur Bethany Renée Williams.
What is the best thing about your audience/listeners?
There are the radio listeners and the podcast listeners. I like hearing from people who were on their way to work on a Monday and caught some of the show, especially when it put a smile on their face.
The podcast listener tends to be doing something productive while listening. Working, creating, making.
I’m hoping to one day get a story of an artist listening to a show and accidentally adding me into a piece he, she, or they was working on at the time.
Who is your dream guest on the show? Why that person?
It would be easy to say anyone in Orlando who has a passion project (or two).
Whether the person is an artist, entrepreneur, improviser, community builder, or all of the above, I love interviewing people who have been out there hustling but have never really sat still long enough to tell their own story. Talking to them about their experiences at that point, it helps them see how much they’ve actually accomplished. It’s a very humbling experience for me.


WPRK FM 91.5 in Winter Park is a central Florida institution. Originally started in 1924, and restarted in 1952, it’s the only volunteer run station in the Orlando area. The variety of music, sounds, and voices you’ll hear when you tune in are unique and uniquely ours. It’s a celebration of the diversity and power of audio, and you will discover something with every listen.