Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Rebecca Renner

This episode was recorded on June 3, 2019, on WPRK FM. You can listen to the entire interview here and also subscribe via Apple, Google, or Spotify.


There’s a balance of whose advice you should take. As author Rebecca Renner shares on this episode, when your grandmother says you can do better after reading your first novel, that’s some wisdom. Especially when you wrote that novel at 16 and it’s about pirates with superpowers.

If someone tells you the only thing you can do with an English degree is teach, don’t listen. Rebecca made that mistake, but eventually, course-corrected and writes for a living. Enjoy this episode, and if you need any advice, hit her up on Twitter!

More about Rebecca:

To a Certain Degree is a weekly radio show on WPRK featuring makers, artists, and professionals who are doing something neat. It’s hosted by Nick Georgoudiou, and you can listen live every Monday on 91.5 FM in the Orlando area, or stream it on wprk.org.

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