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What were your plans after high school?


There are a lot of ways to get where you’re going. But coming out of high school, getting ready for a career, there’s a lot of pressure to go in one direction. You have to attend college. It has to be completed in four years. The major has to be practical.

It’s a bias I’ve had for a long time, and since my experience took me to four colleges and nearly eight years in a very specific major that I don’t actually have a career in, I felt like I had failed.

Talking to guests about what happened to them has helped me immensely, especially when I’m staring down the barrel of two teenagers. Listen for yourself to the tales of four guests who paved their own paths to their careers. Is that a phrase? Who charted their own maps.

If you like this episode, be sure to check out the full podcast for each of the guests, links are below. To a Certain Degree is a weekly radio show on WPRK featuring makers, artists, and professionals who are doing something neat. It’s hosted by Nick Georgoudiou, and you can listen live every Monday on 91.5 FM in the Orlando area, or stream it on wprk.org.

Heard on this episode:

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