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Kelly Joy Ladd

This episode was recorded on March 1, 2019, on WPRK FM. You can listen to the entire interview here and also subscribe via Apple, Google, or Spotify.

Episode 118


Zen and the Art of Paper. That might be the name of Kelly Joy Ladd’s biography someday. At least her first one.

It’s a great interview where she gets into her creative process as well as the path that brought her to be a full-time artist. In a nutshell:

Step 1 – Meditate and wait for a vision of the piece

Step 2 – Have your husband develop an allergy to many chemicals

Step 3 – Three days after your first gallery show, your employer goes under

There’s a little more to it than that, and she likely wouldn’t recommend you do this exactly, but it did work for her.

More about Kelly Joy Ladd

To a Certain Degree is a weekly radio show on WPRK featuring makers, artists, and professionals who are doing something neat. Itโ€™s hosted by Nick Georgoudiou, and you can listen live every Monday on 91.5 FM in the Orlando area, or stream it on wprk.org.

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