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Odd Numbers – Landon Noland

This episode was recorded on January 14, 2019, on WPRK FM. You can listen to the entire interview here and also subscribe via Apple or Google.

As a natural tie-in to the last episode about dystopian futures, here’s the next Odd Numbers topic: Artificial Intelligence. Local singer/songwriter Landon Noland joins Nick for a talk that even an AI can appreciate. Seriously, a lot of this episode is just us kissing up to our future robot overlords. We love you Siri, Alexa, etc.!

Landon also plays a couple of songs, one of which is on his newly released EP Haunted By You. The other song was called AI, again, we love you Google Assistant, Cortana, and Samsung’s Bixby.

Yes, Bixby is a thing.

This episode was recorded on January 21, 2019, on WPRK FM.

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Landon Noland:

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