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Odd Numbers – Marc with a C

This episode was recorded on September 17, 2018, on WPRK FM. Listen below, and subscribe to future episodes on iTunes and Google Play.

Marc with a C is back! After his appearance on TaCD back in 2017, he’s rested, got a new album out, and he’s doing a pretty amazing podcast himself called Discography.

On this episode of Odd Numbers, we each chose a few songs to play, and a few more songs that speak to us at a lyrical level. You’ll get to know us both more (maybe too much?), so listen up!

And, if you want, support local indie musicians like Marc through his Patreon page.

Marc’s playlist from the show

  • I Can See for Miles by The Who
  • Francis Forever by Mitski
  • Jump by The Pointer Sisters
  • Dancing Queen by Salma & Sabina

Marc’s choice of lyrics

Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians
My Wife and My Dead Wife

My wife lies down on the beach
She’s sucking a peach
She’s out of reach
Of the waves that crash on the sand
Where my dead wife stands
Holding my hand

Now my wife can’t swim
But neither could she
And deep in the sea
She’s waiting for me

Japanese Breakfast
Till Death

Sing me to sleep, soothe this insomnia
Haunted dreams, stages of grief
Repressed memories
Anger and bargaining

Your embrace, healing my wounds
Teach me to breathe, teach me to move
PTSD, anxiety, genetic disease

Juliana Hatfield
There’s Always Another Girl

Boy genuises can be ugly and fat
But they don’t cut their girls any slack
Girls are advised to not think about the future or the past
It matters not where they came from or whether or not they endure
What matters is if they can make all heads turn
’cause there’s always another girl

Fading Into Obscurity

And for that matter
This cake is baked but I much prefer the batter
Perhaps in part because it had so much potential
To be delicious and still be influential

Pete Townshend
The Sea Refuses No River

The sea refuses no river
Whether starving or ill
Or strung on some pill
Just ”cause you own the land
There’s no unique hand plugs the dam
The sea refuses no river
And the river is where I am

Nick’s playlist

  • Deja Vu Ultraman by Stagger Stagger Crawl
  • Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peter Sellers by Albert Hammond Jr.
  • Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids

Nick’s lyrics

Brother Ali
Forest Whitiker

You might think I’m depressed as can be
But when I look in the mirror I see sexy-ass me
And if that’s somethin that you can’t respect then that’s peace
My life’s better without you, actually

Frightened Rabbit
My Backwards Walk

I’m working on my faults and cracks
Filling in the blanks and gaps
And when I write them out they don’t make sense
I need you to pencil in the rest

The Mountain Goats
The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton

When you punish a person for dreaming his dream
Don’t expect him to thank or forgive you
The best ever death metal band out of Denton
Will in time both outpace and outlive you

Aimee Mann
King of the Jailhouse

The king of the jailhouse
And the queen of the road
Think sharing the burden will lighten the load
So they pack up their troubles
In an old Cadillac
That’s her in the mirror, asleep in the back

David Byrne
The Great Intoxication

Who rocks out?
Who’s spaced out?
Who brings you?
Who sings you?
Who’s still workin’ on his masterpiece?

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