To a Certain Degree

Investment Opportunity: Amplifire

Are you looking for a safe place to put some money that is guaranteed to earn you a windfall of profits? This is not the place for you.

If you prefer risk, danger, and an almost certain loss of your initial investment and subsequent legal costs, read on!

Name: Amplifire

Description: According to our scientific studies, most people who have a fire pit in Orlando use it an average of five times per year. Save the time and hassle with Amplifire’s new fire delivery system.

Proposed Tagline: Feel the burn, not the splinters.

Target Audience: Social, outdoor enthusiasts who want to show nature who’s actually in control. Also, marshmallow fans.

Purpose: Amplifire is all about you getting the exact right size fire for your gathering, having a great time, and making people feel warm inside.

Positioning: It’s like Lyft for people who like to be cozy.

Personality: Suck it Prometheus, we have one-upped you. You may have stolen fire from the gods, but we’re delivering it in 30 minutes or less.

Promise: We have the wood. We have the kindling. We have the flame. Your fire is tailored for your gathering, it will be roaring in minutes, and you’ll have enough fuel* to last all night long.

Strengths: Ease of entry. No competitors. Fire sizing expertise.

Weaknesses: Tech support. Insurance costs. Identifying pyromaniacs in the applicant pool.

Opportunities: Gene splicing trees for different aromas and fire colors.

Threats: Gene spliced trees become self-aware and begin a war with the human race.

Industry Analysis: Fire good!

Customer Analysis: People don’t like being cold. Also, science indicates that guests are much more likely to think highly of a party host if there was a pleasant fire at the gathering.

Competitive Advantages: There is no one else in the marketplace currently delivering this service. Also, while we don’t understand exactly what fire is or where it came from, we know how to start them.

*Wood, not gasoline. Please don’t use gasoline with your fire.

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