Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Midori Ringo and Bubblegumgrrrl

This episode was recorded on June 11, 2018, on WPRK FM. You can listen to the entire interview or an abridged version. Or both!

Episode 96

Full Version (1:27:04):

Abridged Version (27:20):

Midori Ringo can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Bubblegumgrrrl is on Instagram and has a shop too!

What they are working on together: Strawberry Apple Smoothie

20 Questions: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde

Bad Business Ideas: The Housing Spices, Bid Bus, BearBNB

Pop Quiz: Jacques Cousteau featuring the vocal stylings of Ren Shaye

Spirit Movie:

Bubblegumgrrrl – Spirited Away
Midori Ringo – Howl’s Moving Castle

Spirit Celebrity:

Bubblegumgrrrl – Nicki Minaj
Midori Ringo – Prince

Spirit Event:

Bubblegumgrrrl – The Ice Cream Museum
Midori Ringo – Art Basel

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