New Sponsor: When Pigs Fly

This episode is brought to you by When Pigs Fly. Need an airline that will let you travel with literally any emotional support animal? Then choose When Pigs Fly.

While Delta Airlines and others make it harder to travel with peacocks, alpacas, and boa constrictors, we’re going in the opposite direction. Our flyers are required to bring a flyer with them on the flight. Or a slitherer, waddler… Any varmint, really.

Cabins will feature apex predator and non-apex predator sections for your convenience. Have an imaginary animal supporter? No problem, we’ll happily sell you a ticket for your unicorn, dragon, giraffe, ogre, and many more.

When Pigs Fly. Sure it smells bad. And it’s pretty dangerous. But at least you’re not driving!

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