Pixel Heart Rings

I’m not precisely sure why I have become obsessed with making 3D printed rings and knuckles. Maybe it’s because I don’t really dig on a lot of jewelry. Maybe it’s because I’m a recovering introvert and props help me call attention to myself without speaking up.

Whichever the likely culprit, I’m pretty psyched about how these turned out. I’ll be sharing them at the Mennello’s Indie-Folkfest on February 10. Interesting timing, right before Valentine’s Day…

I’m especially happy with how the stand turned out. There are a few master carpenters in my family, and to have my dad tell me that my grandfather would have come up with a similar solution brought a tear to my eye.

As always, you can create your own! Many plans already exist on Thingiverse. I used this one by AwesomeA as the basis. You can customize your own using Tinkercad.

No access to a 3D printer? If you’re in Orlando, try Factur, MakerFX Makerspace, the Melrose Center, and FamiLab.

If you want something specific printed, let me know!

Artwork by Andrew Spear.jpg

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