Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Shye Gilad

This episode was recorded on November 13, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or fast forward to a specific segment of the show using the time codes below!

I like to have a mix of old friends and new on the show, and Shye counts as one of my oldest. I helped him with some math at Embry-Riddle, and he helped (and continues to help) me get past a lot of my creative hangups. This is what we in the business call a good conversation. Or good convo. Or goco.

No one calls it that, but they should.

Get to know game: Cloak or Dagger (skip to 2:00)




Bad Business Ideas: Repitching the losers (skip to 49:53)



Conversation Starters:

“You don’t know the name of the person pooping on your potatoes here on earth. On Mars, you will.” (skip to 7:17)

“I don’t want them to be crushed and mutilated by a falling space station that crashes on top of them. That would be terrifying for them to think about.” (skip to 16:21)

“So everyone was doing what they needed to do. I don’t like the sound of that at all.” (skip to 20:40)

“Comedy was one of those things that was there for me, in the same way that music was, in the same way books were. And those were things that made me feel better.” (skip to 29:23)



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