Podcasts, To a Certain Degree


Episode 70

This episode was recorded on October 30, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or fast forward to a specific segment of the show using the time codes below!

ROBO OHNO is in the studio the day before Halloween and the day before his birthday. Turns out they’re the same day. We talk a lot about the creative process, switching gears and careers, and being a professional artist.




Get to know game:

The Quick or The Dead (skip to 2:38)

Bad Business Ideas:

Weight Boss (skip to 59:16)

Dream Stream (skip to 1:02:57)

Conversation Starters:

“I don’t technically consider Star Wars to be sci fi.” (skip to 9:02)

“What animal or animals would you like to expand or contract to four times the size?” (skip to 1:27:06)

“I played D&D as a kid, and zombies seemed to be the most relatable.” (skip to 18:06)

“So vampire beach is what you’re into.” (skip to 29:14)

“It creates calluses, but it also creates humility.” (skip to 1:16:33)

“I wish I could plug my head into other people’s heads.” (skip to 34:53)

“Initially, I would put sketches out as initiative to get me to follow through. Now what I’m learning is people enjoy the process.” (skip to 41:31)





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