Michael Hristakopoulos

This episode was recorded on October 9, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or fast forward to a specific segment of the show using the time codes below!

Michael Hristakopoulos, assistant professor at Valencia College, joins Nick in the studio for this episode. Enjoy!

Get to know game: All the Bells or All the Whistles (skip to 4:57)

Conversation Starters:

“My parents have a different last name than me.” (skip to 1:27)

“For people who go into the profession because of a love of educating, what is the risk of going online?” (skip to 36:06)

“You’re argument is we should have better drugs.” (skip to 11:46)

“What is the number one problem with umbrellas?” (skip to 1:07:30)

“That’s so crazy only a really educated person could believe it.” (skip to 43:34)

“It would freak me out if a car with nobody in it would pull up next to me.” (skip to 16:01)

“Who better to sell toys than a toy?” (skip to 56:26)

“All Quilled Out. I’m going to make a note to trademark that.” (skip to 20:56)

“Is the physical reality of the universe good for us?” (skip to 1:04:01)

“What did you do in the last 3,000 years? Just me and you, that’s it.” (skip to 25:52)

“It’s just such a tragedy when people try to boil down music or boil down any facet of the human experience into just bite-sized things.” (skip to 1:15:30)



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