Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Lauren and Chris and Larry and Sheila

This episode was recorded on September 29, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, skip to a specific segment of the show!

And they said a four guest episode wasn’t possible! It turns out they were wrong.

Lauren Morris and Chris Anderson are on the first half of the show, AdLibbing it up. Then Sheila and Larry Goldman show up at 40:45 to give love advice, share beach water addictions, and a lot more.

Conversation Starters:

“Conceptually, I understand why an improv festival probably wouldn’t want scripts.” (skip to 14:11)

“We have a big collection of left Twix, and I give them out at Halloween.”  (skip to 46:42)

“Do you use coriander? I like to think I have once.” (skip to 26:36)

“From a shoulder pad perspective, it almost looks like you’re a football player.” (skip to 51:55)

“That’s a healthy marriage right there.” (skip to 1:24:09)

“100% whale bone. What else would I make the chairs out of?” (skip to 2:47)

“I have my nails done with different designs. Right now I have penguins flying on flamingos on them.” (skip to 50:56)

“To blind dogs or to all dogs?” (skip to 1:09:36)

“You might accidently learn to be a better parent.” (skip to 57:35)

“He was in the rafters and just fell down one day. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, comedy partner. Cool!'” (skip to 6:47)

“Is cheese versatile? I don’t think cheese is very versatile.” (skip to 55:14)

“You’ve got some good glands for that.” (skip to 12:35)

“When you place your order, you tell them what you don’t want on the pizza.” (skip to 1:06:02)



AdLib Theatre




Lauren Morris (photo credit)

Chris Anderson (photo credit)



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