Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Leah Nash

This episode was recorded on September 18, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above!

Get to know Leah with a little game called Of Mice or Of Men (skip to 1:54).

Conversation Starters:

“Handmaid’s Tale, it is a comedy.” (skip to 5:21)

“With Just One Glance. You.” (skip to 1:03:23)

“I don’t feel nauseous at this time.” (skip to 9:00)

“One, two, three. Kittens!” (skip to 51:32)

“One, two, three. Shoot fiberglass at it!” (skip to 53:28)

“One, two, three. Wearable environments!” (skip to 55:59)

“One, two, three. Annoying drones!” (skip to 58:43)

“It’s a security coffee.” (skip to 14:04)

“Sittin’ atop a pile of poop and the view is spectacular.” (skip to 1:05:44)

“You’re looking for talking car, turbo boost, the whole nine yards.” (skip to 18:48)

“Whatever I can find, I melt it.” (skip to 21:39)

“This is how X-Men life is.” (skip to 26:22)


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