After Irma: Yard care, surviving the heat, and power restoration

Hurricane Irma. She was the worst. Here are three Bad Business Ideas for post hurricane happiness.

Glass Grass

Driving through just about any neighborhood in central Florida, yard waste piles are prevalent.

The cities and counties are doing a great job with the cleanup, but it’s going to take a while before everything is picked up, which will leave some unsightly brown patches until it all grows back, right?


Our new company, Glass Grass, can stop at your house once the yard waste has been taken away, and fill in the brown spots with green fiberglass. Check out this video:

Now imagine instead of a boat, it’s your lawn. And instead of fiberglass that is clear and dangerous, it’s fiberglass that is GREEN and dangerous.

For a small fee, we can add a fresh cut grass scent.

For a small discount, don’t alert code enforcement and the authorities.

Glass Grass
Green as grass, and dangerous as broken bottles!


Enchant Suits

The wait for power to come back is not a fun time. Sure, you can stay with a friend, or at a hotel, but you want to be in your space. You want to see if anyone comes by, all your stuff is there.

It may be hot, but it’s still home.

Delivering PODS-like microhomes with all the amenities to a driveway is too cost prohibitive. We need to get smaller, how do you get even smaller?

Wearable environments.

Our new company, Enchant Suits, will provide several styles and levels of jumpsuits that help you survive – and even thrive – until power is restored.

There are a ton of options, from a romper that you hook up a hose to that whisks away heat to what is essentially a space suit that cools you off, provides sustenance, and recycles your waste.

You’re home, and maybe drinking pee. But it isn’t hot.

Coming soon – Enchant Suits for your pets!

Enchant Suits
Stay home, stay cool. The pee part is optional.

two drones

Louder than Words

People with no power (and no Enchant Suits because we haven’t invented them yet) are turning to social media to voice their dissatisfaction with their power companies. Are they making noise that can be easily ignored?

Yes! Yes they are.

That’s where Louder than Words comes in. Through our app, you can order a drone or multiple drones to act on your behalf. Using an advanced artificial intelligence, the drones will roam your neighborhood looking for your utility’s trucks and convey your address.

Loudly. Repeatedly. Until they arrive at your house.

If this isn’t enough, you can send the drones to the power company’s corporate headquarters. It can follow key executives home. All the while blaring your frustrations with their response time, customer service, and communication style.

Louder Than Words
Because what you’re looking for is action. Not the Tindr kind though. Maybe after power is restored.

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