Bad Business Ideas – August 2017

August. A time of change. A change in the weather, in certain parts of the world. A world of Bad Business Ideas.

Here are the ten remarkable ideas from the August, 2017, episodes of To a Certain Degree. Which were chosen? Which were left behind, like so many Augusts?

  • Bag of Hammers – We’re not sure how, but we’ll give you free swag bags to give as gifts.
  • Brand Knuckles – Feel emboldened and slightly heavier with your logo on your fists.
  • Canvils – Can’t find anvils anymore? You’re so wrong!
  • Farm Off the Turnip Truck – Make use of truck beds that are sitting empty with portable and fast-moving farms.
  • Harm Charms – Jewelry that’s cursed. That’s it.
  • House Trawl – Find tiny homeowners and buy them out before they have their “The Shining” moment. Or after!
  • Pinsurance – Enamel pins are being lost at an alarming rate. We’ll cover that!
  • Play Your Cars Right – Inflatable vehicles to make your business look busy.
  • Squads and Ends – Round out your crew with rented friends, exotic animals, or ghosts.
  • Track and Ruin – Let your phone help you get back at those who have wronged you.

Taglines of the month:

Track and Ruin
Your retribution is our business

House Trawl
Get your sanity back at 20 cents on the dollar

Listen to the shows:


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