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5 Ways to Declutter Your Home

collect dollsAccording to a recent study, life takes up nearly 100% of our time on a day to day basis. During these periods of being not dead, we tend to accumulate memories, both is our brain meat and by collecting various mementos. These artifacts may be photos. They may be physical objects.

Too often, they are photos of physical objects.

When these collections of our past threaten to collapse in on themselves, potentially suffocating us with their nostalgia and Ikea frames, to whom do we turn? Who will rid us of these infernal trappings, these baobabs that threaten to take root and tear us asunder?

I’m glad you asked! If you have stuff, lots of stuff, and you feel weird donating it and even weirder about adding it to the landfill, you’re in luck! Over the course of the last year, the team at Bad Business Ideas (Nick and guests) have come up with several solutions to the innate hoarding predisposition you picked up from mom and/or dad.

In no particular order, and without further ado:

Pay someone, and make it their problem. And then, someone else’s problem.

(skip to 48:10)

Every weekend, the scene is the same. Thrill seekers and treasure hunters descend on hastily set up driveway flea markets, looking for that one last deal.

Guess what? We’re going to make it an even better experience.

For a low fee, Garage Bail service representatives will visit your house to remove your unwanted heap of ceramic statues and older kitchen appliances that were an aspirational but ultimately barely used wedding gift.

Do we haul it to the dump? No! We surreptitiously drop it at garage sales around town. It’s the perfect crime. But it’s not a crime, so it’s okay.

Garage Bail – Reduce, Reuse, Get Rid of It

Why not a prank? Fun and decluttering. 

Thanks to Amanda and Emily for helping to work through ByeJinks. Listen to this solution:

Keep your things, but repurpose it in a wall format.

(Skip to 47:16)

It’s not just knickknacks and tchotchkes that we want to move on from. What about a lucky or favorite t-shirt and other apparel?

They may be from concerts. They may be from a vacation. They may be from an ex and this is revenge. In any case, the inevitable happens: They go from anytime wear to wear around the house to chore shirts to rags. How do we save them?

Keep them buried in a closet or drawer never to be worn again? It’s like Toy Story II. Or III. Or maybe IV.

Burn them and have a ceremony at the beach to spread their ashes and none of your friends show up because they think it’s a dumb idea in the first place?

No, we’re going to do something new. What do you think of when I say reclaimed wood? Right wood walls. Now, imagine if instead of just plain old boring reclaimed wood, Wall Due Respect takes all your favorite memento shirts and clothing, and wrapping the reclaimed wood with them. Almost a quilt of your shirts, forever on display in wall form.

And it’s good for the environment. That shirt may end up in a landfill, even if you donate it.

This way, we’re recycling your fashion, in a fashion, with compassion, because it doesn’t turn into trash in….a landfill.

One person’s trash is another person’s possessed new lampshade.

The band Expert Timing discussed the potential workings of using short-term ghost rentals as a minimalism effort with Specter Connector.


Get paid to mail your clothes to strangers.

(Skip to 52:30)

Street performers, whether they are musicians, artists, jesters, writers, or any other types of buskers have a certain look. Or you expect them to have a certain look. There’s a certain aesthetic, and it may vary a little, but it’s basically the same aesthetic: Clothes that have a lived-in look.

And you happen to have some clothes that are probably well traveled and hold no emotional connection.

Sell it to Busk Box, and we’ll include it in a monthly subscription based box to street performers from around the world, if street performers from around the world opt in, of course.

They don’t look too well-to-do, so it’s more money in their pocket. You get a little coin for your trouble, especially if you have a lot of suspenders and bow ties you wish to get rid of.

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