Bad Business Ideas – July 2017

I’m not one for hyperbole, but the 10 BBIs presented to guests this month represented some of the best new startup concepts that have ever been or will be. Having said that, here they are in alphabetical order:

  • Bite Owl – Late night local treats
  • Bulk Bank – The advantages of buying large quantities without the annoying storage issues
  • Cherishable Perishables – A calendar that helps you remember your priorities
  • Food Chain – Predatory lending of predators
  • Give Shiv – Unhealthily competitive fundraising
  • Loud and Beer – IOUs with 150% more public shaming
  • MailBox – Monthly subscription of mail for your to send
  • Spector Connector – Haunting and upcycling service for lonely people
  • Sways of the Flesh – Monitor dance movements to find your audience
  • Woke Signals – Notification system for someone going off script at work

Tagline of the month:

Better Letters that are unfettered. So you can be a trendsetter. And the recipients won’t be forgetters. And likely they also won’t be Eddie Vedder. I hope they don’t put it in the shredder.

Response of the month:

“Do we pick a winner, or do we do a proforma on all three?” – Frank Vertolli

Listen to the shows:


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