To a Certain Degree

Our Orlando Artists Panel

On the July 10, 2017, episode, we shared some highlights from an artists panel courtesy of The Mennello Museum of American Art. The panel featured four of the five artists taking part in the Our Orlando show. From the museum’s website:

OUR ORLANDO presents the work of five rising local artists who have shaped the visual fabric of The City Beautiful through art — enriching nearly every surface of the physical city. Their individual methods range in form and technical experimentation from calligraphy and comic arts to murals and the digital arts. These are the voices and visual architects who create the landscape of our Orlando.

In the exhibition’s premiere year, OUR ORLANDO features new and never before exhibited works from Katrina Constantine, Hillery Powers, Chris Tobar Rodriguez, Andrew Spear and Rhett Withey.

Special thanks to Francesca Ascione, Shannon Fitzgerald, and Katherine Navarro of the Mennello Museum for making this possible.

Images below courtesy of The Mennello Museum. Pictured are the participants of the panel: Chris Tobar Rodriguez, Katrina Constantine, Rhett Withey, and Andrew Spear.











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