Bad Business Ideas

One secret to making meetings better

mod2Have you ever been in a meeting, especially running a meeting, and it’s not going the way you want?

  • Maybe the energy in the room in waning a bit because people need some coffee.
  • Maybe they aren’t paying attention because your idea is really hard to understand.
  • Maybe you don’t even really have an idea, you just want them to sort of figure it out, but you needed to do 20 minutes on getting them psyched, but it’s not working out.

What do you do to bring everyone back in? BBI Industries has an answer for you: Your Big Break

Every year, the movie industry has props like breakaway chairs and bottles that go unused. Made of sugar glass and balsa wood, they’re not really very dangerous. But your meeting participants won’t know that.

Let’s say you’re in that meeting and you need to jazz things up a bit, get people involved. Smash, now you’re standing there with what seems like a jagged broken bottle as a deadly weapon. Ready to cut the next person that checks their phone. But you wouldn’t do that! Everyone just laughs it off and you keep going.

Or you take one of the chairs, and break it over someone’s head. Maybe you told them it was going to happen before hand maybe not. Either way, effective communication ensues. And you really only have to do this once, right? Because they know that you’re a wild card and they could very easily be killed next time.

But not really killed.

Already a good idea, right? But wait, you haven’t asked a crucial question. What about meetings that happen virtually? What if you’re on a conference call?

Easy! Your Big Break provides surrogate agents in different cities that will show up to the offices of all attendees, and look slightly menacing. We call them threateneers. Imagineers meets high level threats.

My Big Break
Meetings solved. Productivity up. Lawsuits possible.

Listen to the full episode that includes this and other Bad Business Ideas here:

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