Victor Davila

This episode was recorded on May 8, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

It’s almost immediately that Victor Davila puts you at ease. Naturally jittery, it’s an energy output that gives you the impression that he’s ready to get started on something important with you instead of coming across as jumpy or anxious.

This is a genuinely good guy, and I wish I could replicate his approach. Maybe there’s a Bad Business Idea in there somewhere?

Wishful thinking aside, check out this episode if you’re intVictor studioerested in design (general), design (Orlando), UCF’s undergraduate and graduate degrees, and some great advice from a teacher, artist, and dad.

Also, I constantly mispronounce his last name, so that’s fun too.

Victor’s main sites:

Some other sites of interest:

4:26 – Get to know Victor better than any human has known another human ever through a game called Leaps or Bounds. I don’t know why I had to specify human.

23:00 – Me: “When did you start drawing?” Victor: “When didn’t I start drawing?”

29:07 – We discuss the Orlando flag redesign. Victor was involved at the beginning of this initiative, not so much now.



39:09 – The role of AIGA Orlando in the community.

43:24 – Victor’s college background at UCF, including the pretty amazing sounding MFA he did there.

50:35Bad Business Ideas proves once again that some things are better left buried. In cement.

1:04:03 – Victor’s music soundtrack for creativity includes a lot of actual soundtracks.


1:14:23This pop quiz takes us to space and reenters the atmosphere of our heart.  

1:24:34Plugs blast off! They don’t really, I just wanted to keep the space theme going.

Music by Erik Elmore.

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