To a Certain Degree

John Hunter

This episode was recorded on April 24, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

If you didn’t realize this already, I am enamored with SAK Comedy Lab. I’ve attended shows there too many times to count. I’ve taken a few classes there. And I’ve really enjoyed interviewing performers and students on my shows at WPRK and WUCF.

SAK’s John Hunter rounded out a month of improv performers and instructors, bringing some insight into how the place keeps humming along well into its third decade in Orlando. Having been there from almost the beginning, and having spent some time in the Hollywood machine, he has a perspective on where the city has been and how far we’ve come.

John also has some really great insight on the writing process, as one would expect given his background. Add three Bad Business Ideas, one pop quiz, and your ears, it equals a pretty good time.

Special thanks to Terry Olson for the SAK throwback photo!

2:56 – Let’s play a game! Sort of an improv game. Bacon Lettuce or Tomato!

14:20 – Some people question the limits of technology. John is one of them.

19:55 – Air cannon operator. Jumpsuit enthusiast. Cow tongue aficionado. John’s sports experiences in the 90s.

25:23 – Starting out in live entertainment, John came over to Disney and met Wayne Brady.

31:20John’s first time performing with the main ensemble.

35:56 – What does John do at SAK? More like, what doesn’t he do?

42:42Orlando’s changing attitude towards the arts from someone who has been around it for a while.

50:26Three Bad Business Ideas. It was a inspiring week. Inflatable panic room? Check. Food delivery via trebuchet? Of course! And musical surrogates? Sure!

1:05:37Writing experience and advice. Good stuff.

1:15:53Music! Bruce Springsteen! The Banana Splits!

1:20:55A pop culture quiz. Yoga rebranding, witch potions, sky gondolas, and Orlando sports.

1:28:19 – Wrapping up! What’s the haps at SAK?

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