WMFE's Brendan Byrne
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Brendan Byrne

This episode was recorded on March 6, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

Looking back, Brendan Byrne can identify at least two moments of chance that led him to his current role.

Dad wanted to chaperone a school trip to Space Camp, which Brendan wanted to skip. That led to him falling for the idea of space travel.

He made sure to intern at as many places as possible while attending UCF, making sure to try things out before adopting a career choice. That led to another passion, broadcasting.

And now, he’s appeared on To a Certain Degree, which means the world is even more so his oyster.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check out Brendan’s podcast, “Are We There Yet?” It’s excellent, it’s informative, and it’s about space, which is really taking off right now.

1:11 – Brendan plays a rousing round of Rise or Shine. It starts with Orlando’s flag and ends with cobbler! Just like space travel!

18:25 – Getting to the bottom of the “Are We There Yet?” podcast. First, Brendan attends Space Camp because his dad wanted to.

27:18 – Brendan’s favorite episode (of his show) so far. He went far behind the scenes on space farming.

32:47 – Learning to communicate with NASA and the aerospace industry started with learning a new language.

37:37 – Quiz. Pop quiz. Brendan does very well for himself.

49:30The latest Bad Business Idea™ are pretty bad. But one is better! And that’s the one that is Lyft for sick people.

56:57Foods of the future and science fiction come up. They may be somewhat related.

1:01:47 – The switch to on-demand listening for the radio industry and more on the evolution of the medium.

1:07:46 – Brendan’s secret to a well-produced story: The Madeline test.

1:16:39 – We go back to college. Rather, we talk about Brendan’s college experiences at UCF, and the importance of internships.

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