Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Haley Bischof

This episode was recorded on February 20, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

Magazines will always hold a special place in my heart. The deadlines, the camaraderie, the challenge of producing a piece that was, at the end of the day, complete (even if you didn’t want it to be). There’s something to holding that artifact in your hand. It’s an accomplishment.

I’m no longer part of that industry, so I live vicariously through former colleagues like Haley Bischof of Bonnier Corporation. A fellow alum from UCF and Rollins (at different times, she’s much younger than me), we worked together in ad agency world roughly a million years ago.

Getting a glimpse of what’s happening in publishing, being assured that magazines aren’t going anywhere, and talking music and college was a treat. She also was on top of the Bad Business Ideas™, and for someone who didn’t live through the McDLT to get it like she did? Impressive.

0:00Haley is on the show! She is! And she plays Safe or Sound.

1:36 – “Is this breaking news? Are we breaking news on my show?

4:01 – “We do have those things, but we don’t have to show them in a flag.”

11:41 – “I’m a fan of them, yes. I’m not a fan of being in them, but I appreciate them.

17:50 – “The most ridiculous thing I’ve come across is somebody who submitted their resume as a Word document and left all the track changes visible.”

21:13 – “Haley, what’s your favorite kind of dance? I’m thinking cabbage patch.

21:54 – Talking magazines, ad agencies, and more.

24:50 – “In case any 15-year-olds are listening, this is how things used to be.”

30:20 – What’s happening in electronic media from a hyper-focused publication perspective.

34:46 – “So if we were to play that as a 20 questions game, it would be Cinder or Smoke.”

35:44 – Pop quiz for Haley, play along at home!

40:57 – “Disney is looking to move people around their properties in different ways, and recent permits they filed for may indicated they are working on what type of guest transportation system?

42:51 – The baddest of the Bad Business Ideas™. That’s what we all want.

47:09 – “Clients out there, I know you’re listening. That’s what you’re guilty of.

49:57 – “I want the food at its peak season, for lack of a better term. Kind of like vegetables. And fruit. I guess, I don’t really eat fruit or vegetables.

54:48 – “What we’re talking about is pretty complicated. I wonder if there’s another version of this where we go back to the McDLT and say, ‘What worked about this?’ And do it that way.

56:17 – Talking music. And bands. And songs. The elements of music. Instruments!

59:44 – “Music to me isn’t so much of a background thing.”

1:06:17Bachelors and masters for Haley came pretty much back to back. Why?

1:10:41 – “So I would say that is the most impactful thing that I got out of the Rollins program. That and learning how to use Microsoft Excel like crazy.”

1:16:58 – Since we’re all about the children, how about some rhymes to help parents teach kids about feet? I mean, clean hands.

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