Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Lindsey Thompson

This episode was recorded on February 13, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

I don’t always know the guest before they come on the show. That usually works out fine, and sometimes we’re ready for some good banter from moment one. This was the case with Lindsey Thompson.

Along with running things by the seat of our pants (for her, Lemon Hearted, for me, everything), I look like her brother, we both have weak hearts, and Björk.

I mean, Björk. That umlaut is the best, and her music is great as well. And Lindsey is big into Björk, thanks to a high school friend who may have been a ghost. I too care for Björk, although no ghost was necessary.

Usually the interviewer, she travels the Orlando countryside talking to jewelry makers, retailers, bakers, and a lot of other locals to get the scoop on how they do what they do. And now you can learn how Lindsey does what she does.

Just make sure to give her credit for inspiring you to follow your passion.



0:00 – Lindsey Thompson, AKA Lemon Hearted, is here! We play a round of Young or In Love.

1:59 – “The butterflies in the stomach are indicative of other health-related issues.”

4:04 – “When I was 19, I could barely tie my own pants.”

9:31 – “That’s a Gilmore Girls quote, by the way, that I totally stole.”

11:15 – “I think it would be very uncomfortable at first to relinquish control like that. But my husband, who is very techy, he tells me all the time, it would be much safer.

14:42 – “I’m so young for musicals.”

17:24 – “If you don’t enjoy seeing live music whether it’s a concert, or Broadway, or jazz, or whatever it is. I think there’s something wrong with you.

19:35 – “Isn’t that how they talked in the 80s?

21:36 – “Is it in a box or is the drone just holding the animal?

24:47 – “I follow you on Instagram, you go to a lot of bakeries. That doesn’t mean I know what anything is that I’m eating.

26:02 – Getting to the heart of Lemon Hearted.

28:16 – “And I had a really good, very smart friend who told me, ‘If there’s something that you really like, you should do it every day.’”

32:40 – “I have definitely made a more conscious decision to leave any type of monetization out of it.”

37:16 – It’s everyone’s favorite, Pop Quiz! Play along at home if you like. Or work, wherever you usually take quizzes.

42:16 – “Who wants to bike up and down mountains when you have I-4 at your disposal?

44:07 – “I’m excited for the ending hour.”

45:27 – Need a distraction? Call Fake a Scene. Want some music, and possibly some stolen art? Place the Music is there. But you can only choose one Bad Business Idea.

47:45 – “I’m interviewing at Serpico Unlimited. That’s the name of the company. This is my dream company, this is a job I’ve always wanted.

53:13 – “I don’t really like the term break in, but once we’ve broken in, we create our own mix tape.”


54:55 – “We’ll get some really good cat burglar outfits I think.”

59:09 – Listen to this part if you like music. Especially Björk.

1:03:39 – “In middle school I played the bass clarinet because it was the cheapest instrument you could rent from the school.”

1:09:46 – There is no such thing as a traditional path to a successful career. Here’s Lindsey’s approach.

1:13:11 – “It’s up to the individual and their drive and their tenacity to figure out what the path is they should take.”

1:17:42Switching topics. How do you balance out what is real versus what you portray on social media? Also, what’s coming up on lemonhearted.com.

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