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Jen Vargas

This episode was recorded on January 30, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

FilmSlam doesn’t involve wrestling (unless it’s part of a short film). Mike Nesmith is big into concept albums. And Georgia is making a lot of money off zombies.

These are just a few of the things I learned speaking with Jen Vargas. An Orlando aficionado and filmmaker, she was also a very willing participant in the cinematic special edition director’s cut of Bad Business Ideas™.

Get to know and connect:

0:00 – Getting to know Jen, Year In or Year Out.

3:00 – “I’ve been thinking a lot about this because I like looking smart.”

5:34 – “Zombies are making Georgia a lot of money right now.”

9:54 – “What you do is set expectations super low. ‘Once this year, I’m going to eat healthy.’

14:58 – “I would never want to hold a filmmaker down, but I’m going to say year out.”

23:42 – “They need to learn that trees are deadly. It’s one lesson that I don’t think we teach enough.

26:50 – We discuss making films, and how Jen got into it.

33:29 – “Producing worked well for me. I tend to be diplomatic, evon though I will stand up for story or a person or a cause.

39:36 – “Filmmaking is going to be an ongoing process. The only thing that isn’t going to change are the lenses and the lights.

44:36 – “You are creatively blocked on trying to put something together. You know the story you’re trying to tell, but you’re not sure exactly the way to go. How do you get over that when you’re in the editing process?

47:35 – Time for Bad Business Ideas™. Jaws, Wargames, and The Matrix serve as inspiration for FOUR terrible concepts.

50:41 – “The problem with sushi is it takes so long to make. They cut it. They roll it. They cut it again.”

52:26 – “It’s set back in 2001, so I’m not sure how historically accurate it is. You know how some movies that are set in the past take some liberties with some things. 2001 was a long time ago. We don’t know how people lived back then.

56:21 – We segue into music talk. Monkees for you!

57:58 – “I’ll wear two or three sweaters at a time. No one has come up with a cool nickname for me yet.

1:02:50 – “The jukebox in my head is very random. Inspiration comes from the strangest places.

1:08:40 – Pop quiz, it’s time for. Not very Yoda of me. Doomsday clock!

1:10:27 – “Two men in New York were arrested. Why? Ponzi scheme! They were accused of starting up and raising more than $81 million in a ponzi scheme. What was one of the main items they were ponzi-ing?

1:14:49 – “I’m pretty sure Rick Scott listens to the show.”

1:20:02 – What is Jen working on now? Central Florida Top 5 and FilmSlam among other projects.

1:25:08 – “I’m theming it around love in the loosest way possible.”

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