Bad Business Ideas

Inspiration: Bad Business Ideas

mod2A lot of people ask me where I get my Bad Business Ideas (patent pending). In fact, the conversation goes something like this:

Them: Why do you keep sending me the link to your crappy blog?

Me: Great question! I actually know a lot about business. I work at a business currently, and I’ve worked at several others in the past. In fact, I’ve also read magazines on the subject. 

Them: Seriously, I don’t care.

Me: Excellent point. I too was feeling unfulfilled on some level until I remembered how much I enjoy coming up with schemes and ploys, some of which are at best ethically questionable if not completely illegal, and I wanted to share that joy.

Them: How did you even get my phone number?

Me: I totally agree, there’s something about my ideas that go beyond basic human rights, which technically business is, to satisfying a need on an even more primal level. Without it, you simply can’t flourish.

Them: I love you.

Me: I know.

Every time, it’s that same conversation. The main place I get ideas is the shower. Another way is to ask family members what they think about technology. Usually in conversations about how the government is tracking us through flu shots, and why manatees are a conspiracy from the Chinese, I come up with a couple of ideas.

You would think that it should be about finding a need and filling it. Why? Find something that isn’t a need and fill that. Or find needs that are filled and unfill them, then offer to fill them in a more permanent way.

In any case, here are some recent Bad Business Idea segments:

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