Bad Business Ideas

The latest trend in food trucks is tiny

First there were tiny houses. Then, eventually, there were tiny food trucks. Or at least, there will be once we get Small Potatoes off the ground.

Originally pitched in Joe Taylor’s episode of To a Certain Degree, the response to this idea could only be described as calamitous. I’m not sure why that word came to mind, but that’s the world we live in now.

The first step in funding this startup? I have no idea, but building a website seemed like a good way to go. Here are some of the futuristic features you’ll find:

  • Take a quiz and find out if you should have your car converted to a tiny food truck.

That’s it. And it’s not an interactive quiz, it’s more of a Cosmo print quiz. Be prepared to do some math. Meth? No, math.



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