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Marc with a C

Episode 25

This episode was recorded on January 16, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

I shouldn’t have been surprised. I had never met Marc, but I had been to his shows and listened to his music. Still, when someone is promoting new releases, reissues, upcoming shows, you would expect the conversation may go one way.

This is not the case with Marc with a C.

After meeting him in person, and hearing a story about how he finished a show after dislocating his kneecap on stage, you realize you’re not talking to what you may consider to be a typical musician.

Chronically gracious and generous with his time, Marc sat down at an old haunt of his – WPRK – and gives you a lot of things to think about (not unlike his music).

There are so many things to share, I’ll let him do the talking. You want more? Check out these links:

And that’s just the start. Link directly to any part of the show on SoundCloud below.

0:00 – The second Marc on the show, and the first musician! Marc with C everyone!

2:56 – Get to know our guest with a little game we call Forgive or Forget.

5:09 – “When they told me you would be able to smell your eye burning is when I said, ‘No. No, absolutely not.’




7:26 – “I would say a brisk walk, like that person who appears to be jogging but they are really just moving their arms a lot.”

11:40 – “When you put the Bob Marley label on something that’s not music, I say the bubble has popped.”

13:17 – “I like when food doesn’t injure me.”

19:21 – “Sure you can play that song. It’s your show, play whatever you like.

22:17 – “The world needs Kanyes.”

22:59We dig in on music distribution and quality. Some food for thought. Or audio for brain waves.

26:47 – “This guy definitely knows from sound quality, and he believes that what we’ve got going right now is worse than AM radio.”marc-show

30:02We debate Nirvana, and whether Nevermind was premeditated.

32:53 – “The labels didn’t understand it, so they went, ‘Do we not get it? We don’t? Great, sign it.’

35:05 – “The function that I really want Spotify to have is the shuffle all button.”

35:52 – Marc challenges my disposition on 80s music.

38:16 – “Do you mainly sleep during the day? Do you live this rock and roll lifestyle?

41:28 – “Do you think you’re overusing the word, ‘Stop?’

41:44 – Talking about Marc’s album, 2013’s Popular Music, and how he involved the fans with the development of it.

46:39 – “‘Eating the Marc with a C Trio’ I suppose would get ratings, sure.

46:53 – Time for Bad Business Ideas™. Marc has a good one for pranking purposes.

51:07 – “I think you’re using your laser to read my thoughts. It’s like you’ve known me my whole life.

55:17 – “Sure they can. Do they like their cow or not?

57:50 – “What if you’re pregnant with a cow at a Marc with a C concert?

1:01:07Marc’s foray into the Patreon world to help make his next album.

1:03:50 – How does Marc’s earlier material make its way into his new material?

1:08:21 – “I don’t necessarily disown my past, but that doesn’t mean I need to relive it all the time.”

1:10:44 – “Can we just stop syncing things up to Dark Side of the Moon already?

1:12:33 – Talking vinyl. Marc’s latest album of new material is a color wonder. He also has three reissues on vinyl.

1:14:43 – “If sex sells, and you want to put sex in your mouth then, bam. We have to make the vinyl look like food.

1:14:57 – Time for a musical quiz for a musical artist.

1:24:46Wrapping up!

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