Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Amanda Roche

This episode was recorded on January 9, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

Amanda Roche is many things. A double grad from Rollins College. A painter and photographer. A team member at the Orlando Economic Development Commission. Somehow, she also finds the time to be a DJ at WPRK, and just like Highlander, there can be only one DJ at WPRK.

Wait, sorry, just researched it further, not true at all. It applies to immortals and VJs only. Whew.

What is true is Amanda heads up the EDC’s Obassador program, helping to shine a light on all the great stuff Orlando has going on through all the great social media people we have around here. And there are a lot.

In case you didn’t know, Orlando + ambassador equals Obassador. Mashing words together like this is known as a portmanteau. Learning!

Also making an appearance, Bad Business Ideas (patent pending) and cobbler.

0:00DJ Panda, to a certain degree. I mean Amanda Roche.

4:00 – “I like Generation X. Well, I like what they apparently are.

8:25 – “I think it would have to be a Snapchat degree.”

13:04 – “I think robots would be better at making those decisions than people.”

16:05 – “That’s why I don’t read the back of the labels anymore.”

19:54 – “My phone tells me what to do.”

23:55 – Art is a big part of Amanda’s life, from hosting a show on WPRK to painting to photography.

25:16 – “I want to say that they’re in heat, but that’s not a thing.”

31:23 – “I don’t really approach it. It approaches me.

35:02Pop culture quiz. Amanda’s nervous. Good times.

37:18 – “Is it Q-Tips? Because I use Q-Tips all the time.

44:24It’s time for Bad Business Ideas™. Should it be rebranded?

47:16 – “What do you think of when I say reclaimed wood?

51:52 – “Mainly I want to hit them, but I can’t do that. Anymore. So I spray them.

54:38 – “Who wants to be business to consumer? Consumers are gross.

59:52 – “They never pack enough. They don’t know what to pack. They didn’t bring their grappling hooks. Or gloves.

1:01:05Amanda’s collegiate background. Rollins X 2.

1:07:04 – Talking Orlando Ambassadors. AKA Obassadors.

1:08:41 – “Not to be creepy, but I will just find you.”

1:14:09 – “In this day and age, you can’t just do a four-year degree and have no internships or extracurriculars.”

1:15:22Wrapping up! Drop the mic! Other things that indicate the end!

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