Fake News, To a Certain Degree

What was the big story of this election cycle earlier this month? It’s ironic in a way that this was the big story. Since it was so fake. Fake news, yeah. How do we, as business people, take advantage of this trend and provide a service at the same time?

Because to be completely honest with you, when I was first reading about it, and what those kids in the Ukraine or wherever were earning by producing fake news, I was astonished. I was impressed. And I was jealous.

But fake news isn’t the future, no matter how much the Facebook algorithm can be tricked into telling us it is. Fake news is the past, what’s the future? What I propose are vetted people who report on the news, reporters if you will, who will then write stories that are then confirmed and checked for factual information “fact checked” for accuracy. Within this new organization will be people whose job is to edit the stories and assign topics. I call them editors.

The reporters will have an ethical obligation to report on both sides of a story, and to only report the facts. Now, I know what you’re saying, how is this different than the news I get on Twitter? We print on actual paper and distribute it daily. That way there are no changes or updates, no bait and switch, it’s there in print. We can even divvy up this paper, this new paper if you will, into different topic areas like sports and politics and business and hairstyles.

I don’t know what to call the new paper though. It should act as a Chronicle of what’s going on. A post of the times, is what I’m thinking. A sentinel or guardian keeping an eye on what’s going on, serving as an inquirer for the people.

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