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Joe Taylor

This episode was recorded October 24, 2016. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

One of our Bad Business Ideas was a food truck conversion company, but for compact cars only. Small Potatoes, the only purveyor of tiny food trucks, is now open for business!

Maybe, just maybe, the reason I’m so high on the next generation (and the one after that, considering how old I feel/am) is having friends like Joe Taylor. Wise beyond his years – which is a terribly patronizing thing to say about someone now that I read it back to myself – he’s a thoughtful person with a take on things that I appreciate every time we get to chat.

Listening back to our conversation on To a Certain Degree, I realize there are a lot of things I forgot to ask about (like Iceland) and other things I wish we had more time for (like implicit bias). That’s what I get for bringing up UCF vs. UConn.

0:00 – Get to know Joe through a little game called the Dog or Pony Show.

3:13 – “There has to be dog shows 24-7, right? I imagine they’re just going on all the time.”

4:58 –  “Chlorine-scented soap. For the pool bath enthusiast.”

8:47 – “No words. Why are we using words? It’s 2016!

15:44 – “It must be tough being my friend then because I’m all facade.”

22:32 – “Pie is very organized and very easy to understand whereas cobbler is chaos.”

23:56 – Joe and I go way back, and we’re both parents. We discuss what our parents emphasized as important, and what we’re focusing on with our kids.

28:41 – “I have these things, so what else can I equip my child with to be successful?

35:59 – Pop quiz! Addiction guerrilla marketing, Deadpool changes, DDoS attacks, and Orlando City.

40:06 – “I would put the Rock in every role if I could. I mean, come on, he’s got the people’s eyebrow.”

44:23 – “UCF, UCONN. Otherwise known as the sadness bowl.”

47:54 – Bad Business Ideas™! An all-automotive edition.

49:37 – “I’m not sure you know what a spy is.”

53:04 – “Food trucks are so big. Do you really need that much room to prepare food in a sanitary and hygienic manner? Probably.”

55:07 – “Okay, are we making the breakfast for the breakfast guns?

59:59 – Joe’s take on music, starting with one of his favorites, Jimmy Eat World.

1:06:38 – “I think eventually though you get to a place where you avoid it enough, when you hear it again, it doesn’t affect you anymore.”

1:09:14 – A pre-election racial equality conversation. Because Joe’s the kind of guy I can have that kind of conversation with.

1:11:38 – “I’m tired of being this angry all the time. What do I do Joe?

1:12:46 – “What I will say does frustrate me – I don’t want to say anger – What frustrates me is the denial of its existence.”

1:18:44 – End the show on an education note talking about Joe’s college background.

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