Me in the hall

As a kid, I was terrified (and therefore fascinated) with any movie where characters changed bodies. Whatever the vehicle, mystical artifact, gypsy curse, freaky Friday, it all bummed me right out, culminating with the Kurt Cameron/Dudley Moore epic Like Father Like Son.

It’s not exactly a body swap story, but All of Me also caused me some agita, or whatever the 11-year-old version of agita is. Hormones? Additional hormones making me even acne-er?

My biggest fear was changing bodies with a big league pitcher during a game. Not sure why that one situation specifically. Maybe because it would be so boring?

Like anything else, I had to be ready should such an eventuality occur in my life. I decided in the likely event of changing bodies with anyone, especially someone in a public spotlight, I would simply fall down and fake a coma until the person or object responsible became bored and switched me back for lack of amusing antics.

Falling down is also my go-to strategy when it comes to meeting celebrities. I have my celebrity crushes (ex. Lyle Lovett), and my celebrity spirit animals (ex. Jason Mantzoukas), but the Kids in the Hall are a whole another level.

They’re from Canada. I’m from Canada!

They’re funny. I think I’m funny!

They’re really funny. I’m Canadian too!

This weekend, thanks to SAK Comedy Lab, I get to meet one of the Kids (Men?), Kevin McDonald.

I mean, I should meet him. There’s a good chance that I fall into a fetal position and just wait to go back to my normal, non-KITH life.

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