Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Dave Krepcho

Episode 14

This episode was recorded October 3, 2016. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

You’re sitting there, maybe trying to figure out what your calling in life is. Fitting the social with the entrepreneurship, the passion with the purpose. You should consider listening to this show then, because that’s Dave Krepcho’s story.

He can tell it way better than I can write it, and he does. Originally in the ad agency world, it was the response of south Florida to Hurricane Andrew that helped him find what he believes in. Luckily for the Orlando community, he ended up at Second Harvest Food Bank over a decade ago.

A great storyteller, and a good sport, it’s a funny and compelling conversation with a genuinely good guy. Also, Nick.

0:00 – Get to know Dave a little better with a game called Mover or Shaker.

4:23 – Dave offers some insight on how to choose between two JOB candidates. The California Test. Maybe it applies to the election as well?

8:30 – “South Florida is just a wild and crazy place.”

11:17 – You heard it hear first! Dave makes a major policy change for Second Harvest on WPRK. Flip flops for everyone!

14:05 – So many good things going on at Second Harvest Food Bank. Dave discusses the group’s social enterprise initiatives starting with their culinary training program.

18:05 – “We’ve graduated 125 students to date, and we have a 100% job placement rate.”

22:26 – “We’re producing healthy meals out of our kitchen – about 6,000 a day – out of our kitchen for the Head Start programs.”

27:38 – Over 500 partner organizations and more than 100 employees. Dave and I discuss how Second Harvest is defining the organizational culture, and why it’s successful.

31:41 – “Every one of our 100 employees is involved in identifying our culture.”

36:04A pop culture and current event quiz

41:50 – Finally time for Bad Business Ideas®. Crocodile Volunteers and Bug Bites.  

44:57 – “Let’s role play so we can illustrate this. I’ll be Carl Kerfuffle, a lovable mildly annoying guy that’s always inviting people to do things. You’ll be Scott Zipcar, my work chum.”

48:48 – “Also, I’m not sure how to get them on the stick. Are we gluing them on or just stabbing them?

50:29 – Let’s talk the boss of Second Harvest about the Boss. Bruce Springsteen. That’s the Boss with a capital B.

55:59 – How Dave got his start, and how he ended up in central Florida. It started with a hurricane.

1:03:41 – “Crisis reveals character.”

1:07:50 – Dave offers insight on why it’s so important to build relationships in your professional life.

1:09:49 – “All they can say is no, and I take that as a maybe.”

1:10:23Second Harvest can always use a little help from its friends. Dave and I discuss how the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College is chipping in.

1:14:48 – Wrapping up! Some important links and events that are happening for Second Harvest.

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