Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Candy Cole

This episode was recorded September 19, 2016. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

For the record, I didn’t actually push her into the vat. I didn’t want to ruin the beer.

There are very few people in the world I would write limericks for. Candy Cole is one of them. A classmate of mine in the Rollins MBA program, we immediately clicked. Dark sense of humor. Super smart. Handsome with a beard (that may just be me).

We also wanted to do something meaningful. For Candy, that meant help setting up The Maker Effect Foundation and continuing to be involved with Maker Faire Orlando

She talks about the journey from accountant with a safe job to taking the leap to consultant who is always hustling. Good times are had by all.

0:00 – Candy plays Wine or Dine! Wine is good, Dine is bad! Easy to understand.

5:05 – “You can learn engineering or accounting or to be a physician. But those liberal arts skills teach you how to relate to people.”

11:00 – “Now part of the reason he built that is because we blew up his last one.”

12:06 – Talking about the history of the Maker Faire Orlando, and how Candy got to the Maker Effect Foundation.

17:05 – “We’re going to find some makers in Orlando.”

21:06 – “I think a lot of people jump to Kickstarter or Indiegogo or a crowdfunding campaign without a good plan.”

24:58 – Getting into manufacturers versus makers, IP versus crowdsourcing.

29:30 – “People need to have fun whether you’re an accountant or an engineer.”

30:57 – Where do the makers for the Maker Faire come from? All over!

33:13 –  “Imagine going to an art museum but the artist who painted the picture or carved the sculpture is standing next to the piece of work.”

35:27More Wine or Dine! Not and, of course. Learn more about Candy with the best game ever.

41:47Talking about stranger things. I mean, Stranger Things.

44:23 – Before we get into Bad Business Ideas®, we talk about STEM versus STEAM. And then, the Island of Misfit Toys (sort of).

47:35 – “I have a name for this type of organization. I call them 20-10-5s. They have 20 people doing the job of 10, and they’re still five people short.

53:43Let’s talk Rush. We learn  more through Candy’s POV.

56:44 – “Before every presentation, or before any high pressure situations, I listen to the same two or three songs by Rush that help get me going.”

1:00:37 – Maker Faire Orlando. Be there or don’t!

1:02:39Candy’s education background: An accounting degree, MBA, and the path therein.

1:04:49 – “I think people who go into economics and accounting. You see the world like the Matrix, you just see numbers falling all the time.”

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