Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Sarah Peerani

This episode was recorded September 19, 2016. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

There aren’t many people around Orlando that are as cool and as plugged in as Sarah Peerani. She probably wouldn’t agree with that statement since she’s humble to a fault, but she’s willing to share her knowledge, a look at Central Florida in a new way, through Local Motive Tours.

Her peddle-powered pursuit is our main topic on this episode of To a Certain Degree, and we get a lot of mileage out of her early morning enthusiasm.

0:00 – Introducing Sarah Peerani through a little game called The Devil or The Deep Blue Sea.

8:38 – “This is enough of this business book, let me go to the romance novel.”

12:06 – “There was a time where I had three sitting on the table that I had drank, and it was two o’clock in the afternoon.”

18:34 – Sarah shares the history of Local Motive Tours, her new venture in introducing people to different parts of Orlando.

24:02 – “I can understand New York, I can understand LA. I’m a little bit weirded out that you thought, ‘Oh, Fort Lauderdale.’”

28:36 – Sarah’s perspective as a new small business owner when it comes to social media.

31:35 – Pop culture and current events quiz! The iPhone 7, Orlando energy usage, and Cosmo quizzes.

35:16 – “Let them live their lives. To a certain degree.”

39:15 – Before Bad Business Ideas® proper, Sarah gets the BBI experience applied to her company.

44:11This week’s BBIs: Inception Pillows and Motivational Music Algorithms.

49:18 – “Oh, we’re really going to dance, aren’t we?”

52:57 – Music, the great equalizer. How does Sarah use music in her day-to-day? While working, biking, snoozing, etc.

56:00 – “I’m not mad about it.”

56:30 – Sarah’s favorite experiences running Local Motive Tours so far.

1:00:14 – It’s more than just taking people to places. Sarah talks about the inspiration behind Local Motive Tours.

1:04:06 – “Do you have to have the last word, is that what this is?”

1:04:53 – Sarah’s college experience has had an influence on where she ended up. The watershed moment was in NYC, just like it is for many people.

1:08:29Media buying and Weapons of Math Destruction.

1:10:47 – “Yeah, I’m doing this for research!”

1:11:00 – Nick talks about some events in town, Sarah plugs her upcoming tours. Hurrah!


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