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Andi Perez

Andi Perez, for sure a morning person.

This episode was recorded August 15, 2016. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

On this week’s episode of To a Certain Degree, we get to the root of Orlando superfan Andi Perez. Holy guacamole, does she love this city. That infatuation led her down quite a few paths, ultimately bringing her to Yelp as the local Senior Community Manager. How’d she get here? We’ll redo the search in this area and find out!

Here are some of the businesses and initiatives we discussed:

Skip around by clicking on the links below, or listen to the whole show with the SoundCloud player above!

0:00Meet Andi Perez through the wonders of a little game I like to call Alive or Kicking. We really dig into college. It’s cool.

13:00 – A little bit more about Andi’s background in digging into Orlando. Her work at Yelp and the Orlandoan specifically.

15:53 – How’s the City Beautiful doing keeping up with the trends? We chat about the import/export business, but less mafia focused.

25:59Getting ahead of the next trends. Beard Sommelier anyone?

28:01 – Talking music for a minute. A little soul, a little seventies.

34:40Some current events. The Olympics (still going on), Harry Potter play (still being talked about), and No Man’s Sky (18 quintillion planets!!!).

43:57 – Another round of Alive or Kicking. Andi likes violence, as it turns out.



1:02:19 – It’s time for Bad Business Ideas™! Hipper Snapper or Fauxnference? Andi chooses.

1:10:32A little more detail into the inspiration behind theORLANDOAN and how it led to Orlando Soup.

1:22:45Wrapping up the show with Andi’s college background.




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