Three for Favre

favre88A long time ago, all the way back in 2008, I got really into fantasy football. I had a few leagues, it made me like football even more (which is already a lot), and it satisfied a competitive need that I have without the inconvenience of actually exerting energy.

Luckily, this obsession extended itself to music.

Starting out as a way to make fun of other people’s teams, I started doing playlists, mix tapes really, about their players. Most of the time, it had something to do with a bad week that he had. Occasionally it was to commemorate a productive, high-scoring occasion. Eventually it grew to off the field events.

It was always fun, and it was always a challenge. The rules were pretty simple: songs had to flow, and they couldn’t be gimmicky. If someone had a terrible game, I couldn’t just throw Beck’s Loser on there. Subtlety is key.

So to commemorate Brett Favre being inducted into the Hall of Fame last week, here are his playlists. He’s the only multiple playlist recipient, which is pretty appropriate.

One month after the Packers trade him to the Jets, Favre takes the field against the Dolphins. I make some There’s Something About Mary references, which were just as timely in ’08 as they were on ’07.

Song I’m most proud of including: The Wombats, Little Miss Pipe Dream
Song I probably could’ve done better on: They Might Be Giants, Older

A year later, the gunslinger debated retirement but ultimately decided to sign with the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers biggest rivals. Green Bay fans didn’t take this too well, as you’d expect.

Song I’m most proud of including: Bright Eyes, Arc of Time
Song I probably could’ve done better on: Beulah, A Good Man is Easy to Kill

His first year with the Vikings was nothing short of amazing. He came within inches of a Super Bowl (losing to eventual champs New Orleans), and setting even more records. The second year with Minny was not so great. Right after a cell phone scandal, he was knocked around and forced to retire.

Song I’m most proud of including: Victory at Sea, To You and Me
Song I probably could’ve done better on: Two Hours Traffic, I Feel Naked Without My Cellphone

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