Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Josh Murdock

This episode was recorded August 8, 2016. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

Family. Jobs. Education. Passions. Life. It’s really difficult to balance these things out. You can blame social media and the connected age for making it harder, but it’s always been a challenge for people to meet all of their obligations. Josh Murdock – Professor Josh – has so many irons in the fire, he’s practically Tony Stark. We talked about all the projects and initiatives he’s involved in, including but not limited to:

0:00 – Along with a quick summary of his career, we get to know Josh through a little game called Spaghetti or Meatballs.

10:10 – There’s a lot going on in Josh’s life, and technology, storytelling, and teaching are big components.

14:18We discuss Florida Blog Con, which is coming up next month.

17:33 – Finding the time to write and to create content. This includes some advice for students and job seekers on keeping up with your portfolios and ideas.

25:13Trends in education including augmented reality and 3D printing.

31:34 – Still talking trends, focusing on video for a few minutes and how educators can use and more importantly share their content for the good of others.

33:29 – Certificates and certifications. Are credentials a potential replacement for degrees?

35:34The Valencia Foundation and scholarships available in central Florida.

41:11 – Get to know Professor Josh a little bit more with another round of Spaghetti or Meatballs!

48:00 – Josh is a sought-after public speaker, how does he approach this challenge?

54:10 – Yes, Bad Business Ideas™ are in the house!

1:02:39Josh helps host EdTech Orlando, a monthly meetup for people hoping to improve the state of education.

1:09:24Take an idea, get a team together, and build it in just a few days at Startup Weekend Orlando.



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