To a Certain Degree

Miller John

This episode was recorded July 25, 2016. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

No spoilers (probably)!

Miller is the guest this week, and we do a pretty thorough wrap up of the pop culture event of the summer, Comic Con 2016. I watched most of the trailers and read a lot of the articles so you don’t have to! Also because I couldn’t get tickets, so there’s that.

20160725_072416 (1)0:00Miller plays video or audio. We get to know each other better.

5:50We talk Suicide Squad. But we don’t give each other tattoos. Also Legion, the first TV show about the X-Men, sort of. A mutant with multiple personality disorder, and each personality has a unique set of powers. Sounds like it could be really good.

10:59 – We get into the Star Trekiverse. A little about the new movie, but more about the Discovery. Quick announcements on The Tick, Spider-Man Homecoming, and Captain Marvel.

20:26The Lego Batman movie. It’s Legoriffic!

25:58Pokemon Go news and some insight on the different teams (suck it yellow!) and gameplay.

33:13A little bit more about Miller with video or audio.

38:36 – DC universe time, finally. Wonder Woman, Justice League, you know. Kind of a big deal. Also take a tangent into The Woods and feminism.

50:05 – Quick hits on Fantastic Beasts, King Arthur, Pacific Rim 2, Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island. Drop that mic!

And check out the trailers and previews we talk about:

First show about the X-Men, sort of. A mutant with multiple personality disorder, and each personality has a unique set of powers. Sounds like it could be really good. Comes out early next year. Am I excited? YES.

The Tick
He returns! The costume looks really bad. Really, really bad. Not sure how to feel about it. The show with Patrick Warburton was okay, the cartoon was great, but the animation is so bad by today’s standards that it’s almost unwatchable. Am I excited? Nope.

The Lego Batman movie
Will Arnett is back as Batman. Looks like it might be one of the best Batman movies ever, and it’s definitely better than BvS. Centered on his relationship with Robin, but with more silliness of course. Not thrilled about Zach Galifianakis as Joker. Only Mark Hamill should be Joker. Am I excited? YES

Star Trek Discovery
We see the new ship, but nothing else. We know it takes place in the prime universe, not the time displaced one from the movies. January 2017 and may not be available easily. Am I excited? Too early to tell.

King Arthur
This actually looks pretty fun. Guy Ritchie can be very hit or miss, and this is a big story to get your arms round. The action looks good, and it appears to have some of his storytelling sight gags. March 2017. Am I excited? Pretty much.

Kong: Skull Island
I’m not sure. One character is trying to prove that monsters exist, the other wants to make sure that man is superior to everything. Had this weird Avatar/Platoon feel to it. Kong may only be in it for a little while, like Godzilla. I like that it’s modern day. March 2017. Am I excited? Meh.

Justice League
Not a trailer, but actual footage. Included a couple of funny moments. Trying to make Aquaman look like an actual action hero. Barely any cyborg because he has so much CGI to his character. November 2017. Am I excited? Wait and see.

Wonder Woman
It’s set during WW I? Completely different than the Batman v Superman, so there’s hope. Hard to tell what’s happening though, no idea on motivation. June 2017. Am I excited? Yes-ish.

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